Meet the team

Through technology and social media teens communicate and intervene for anything that may affect their lives. It’s of their nature to question and doubt for anything that seems to be followed by the “mass”. For them, nothing seems to be undeniable.

Who we are?

We are an experienced creative team who work hand to create products to fit the most demanding needs.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer our followers superior quality and unique designs while focusing on innovation, flexibility and functionality for everyday use. It has its own philosophy which inspires out team’s spirit.


Challenging the Future

Though exquisite design, high-level quality and dedicated people full of new ideas, we try to lead the experience to a different dimension.
Our team of designers, works with active mates, follows all new trends and is always ready to create a dynamic collection, suiting the needs of the most demanding mates ;).


Mate Bags

Mate bags and accessories are designed and produced with top quality materials, in order to be able to fit the needs of the brand’s demanding followers.



Mate was inspired by the teens’ tendency to live to the extreme and pass every moment to the fast track. They follow, full of passion all the latest trends and they never stop to search for new experiences that will make their lives more exciting.

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